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A Purpose Driven Vision

OriFresh is a dedicated B2B e-Marketplace with a purpose to resolve current and future global food shortages through a marketplace that helps to match global food supply and demand, improves the lives of farmers and provides cost-savings for businesses to enable consumers to have affordable and safe food. We are currently building the future infrastructure of the agricultural value chain. 


Powered by Blockchain Technology, IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), OriFresh achieves ourobjectives by effectively matching global food supply to global food demands. By innovating the agricultural value chain, we aim to provide benefits to businesses and consumers such as gaining access to safe food that is of high-quality and fresh with significant cost-savings.

We want OriFresh to be a “marketplace with a purpose” hence the e-Marketplace will be guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the aim of delivering social impact in the areas of Poverty (Goal 1: No Poverty), Hunger (Goal 2: Zero Hunger), Healthy Food (Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being) and Economic Growth (Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. We envision a better world and OriFresh will play its part to improve the Agricultural Value Chain in these areas.


Overall, OriFresh aims to achieve an equilibrium between sustainable food production and provisions of healthy and safe food for consumption.

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